LED Light

Why LED Lighting?

LED Lighting

The best and shortest answer is in a few words: ECONOMY, STYLISTICS, ENERGY SAVING, LIFE, ECOLOGY and SAFETY.

First, ECONOMY, because LED technology is the most financially effective source of light. In practice, this is a reduction in electricity bills by up to several dozen percent. Saving is not everything, it also counts …


… STYLISTICS, because each of us wants to surround ourselves with aesthetic objects especially at home and at work. LED lighting gives unique, unprecedented possibilities of arrangement. In addition, LED lighting offers a wide range of colors, so we can get the mapping of natural solar lighting. LED bulbs are not only effective, but also effective.


Returning to practical reasons, you can not forget ENERGY SAVINGS. Thanks to LED diodes, you can use up to 90% less energy while maintaining current light parameters. In addition, in contrast to the so-called energy-saving fluorescent lamps, LED lighting shines with full power immediately after switching on. This is not only important for the comfort of use, but also from the point of view of energy saving. LED bulbs do not consume additional energy for warming up.


A distinctly perceptible feature is LIFE – incomparably greater than in the case of ordinary incandescent bulbs and even ‘energy-efficient’ fluorescent lamps. LED lighting shines in the same strong light stream up to 50000h without losing its efficiency. Simply put, you would exchange 30 ordinary incandescent bulbs and 6 ‘energy-saving’ compact fluorescent lamps, and at the same time only one LED bulb. What’s more – frequent switching on and off does not shorten the life of the LED, as is the case with other types of light bulbs.


ECOLOGY is not only a matter of trends and mentality. It also affects the environment and our health. In contrast to the so-called energy-saving lamps LED bulbs do not contain mercury or other substances hazardous to the environment and our environment. In addition, they are 100% biodegradable.


Finally, SAINT. Products using LED technology are much more resistant to shocks and vibrations, which in the traditional lighting cause the incandescent filaments or cracking fluorescent lamp housings. Thanks to their unique properties, LED bulbs do not heat up. The use of LED lighting therefore minimizes the risk of fire or burns to your child.



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