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LED STRIPS – What you need to know.


LED STRIPS – What you need to know.

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  • Where will the bar be placed and will it be used to illuminate the workplace, ambient light or accent lighting?

  • LED strips should be installed on an even, clean and dry surface.

  • Different types of light are produced by changing the size, number and color of the LEDs on the strip.

  • The use of integrated LED strips inside or outside in dry or wet areas, which are determined by the IP rating of the tape (eg standard (IP20) or with silicone coating (IP65)).

  • Do you need to hide (if necessary) the belt, driver and wires?

  • How will the bar be turned on and off? Will it be part of your lighting circuit or controlled by a separate switch?

  • The final lighting effect will depend on many factors, including;

  • The size of the LEDs, the number of LEDs per meter, the angle and position of the strip, the texture of the color, distance and reflectivity of the surface and distance of the observer from the belt

  • You can evaluate the degree of lighting of the LED strip, installing it on a working tape, which can be removed, for example masking tape, and then safely powering it, see the light beam, pattern and angle before you finally attach the strap.The integrated LED strips are manufactured and tested to the highest standards to ensure uniform color and light quality over the entire length of the strap.LED Strips offer

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