LED Light

The use of LED lighting in agriculture.

led lighting

The use of LED lighting in agriculture.

The British producer of lettuce and herbs puts on lighting LED crops.

The Madestein UK company was founded in 1982 and introduced many innovations to the British market, including curly leaves lettuce at the end of the 1980s and a mix of mixed salads in 2001. Currently, they focus on the production of greenhouse lettuce and fresh basil throughout the year. In addition to traditional growing methods, Madestein UK uses sustainable cultivation methods, such as the Deep Flow hydroponic system, which uses water efficiently and minimizes the risk of groundwater contamination.

– We see a great demand for British lettuce and herbs, so we were looking for ways to increase our productivity. We were impressed by what we saw when visiting breeders in the Netherlands and Finland who use LEDs for growing lettuce. Our goal is to use LED lights to improve the quality, reduce the impact of adverse weather conditions and improve the durability of our products – says Jonathan Zwinkels from Madestein UK.

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