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Warm white or Cool white?

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LED color. Warm white or Cool white?

LED color. Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light that has important applications in lighting. In practice, color temperature is meaningful only for light sources that do in fact correspond somewhat closely to the radiation of some black body, i.e., those on a line from reddish/orange via yellow and more or less white to blueish white. Color temperature is expressed in kelvins, using the symbol K, a unit of measure for absolute temperature.Color temperatures over 5000 K are called “cool colors” (bluish white), while lower color temperatures (2700–3000 K) are called “warm colors” (yellowish white through red).


If you like the traditional yellowish colour of a conventional lamp then warm white around (2700-3000K ) would be the ideal choice, this is the most popular choice for homes. If you want a modern, clean look, you may prefer the cleaner, brighter feel of a cool white lamp (4000K+). Cool white light contains more blue light and looks brighter

Color temperature comparison of common electric lamps


The following standard colour scheme is recommended:

Warm to Warm white – living room, bedroom, hallway

White to Cool white – kitchen, study, bathroom, cupboard, office, retail

Daylight – Commercial, retail, art studios

How do I know which one I am buying ?

All Integral retail packs have a clear icon and colour temperature indicated on the packaging. In addition, each lamp will have the colour temperature printed on the base e.g. ” 3000K”.

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