Solenoid Valves (5)

Micro Emitters, Stakes & Extensions (23)

Compression Fittings PE (79)

Compression Fittings QJ (24)

Barbed Joiner connector PP (19)

Irrigation Controllers (3)

Sprinkler Nozzles (34)

Pop-Up Sprinklers (17)

Individual design of an automatic garden irrigation system.

Please provide the following information.

  • scale plot diagram with dimensions and marked buildings, sidewalks and green places (grass), flower beds (thuja, shrubs, etc.);
  • indication on the diagram of the water source (water supply / deep well);
  • giving the water flow from the intake (measure the time of filling the bucket, e.g. 10l).
  • water pressure parameter [bar];
  • optionally, placing a place on the plot diagram for a box with solenoid valves (if there is no indication, it will be placed at your discretion);
  • driver selection: internal / external, (if there is no choice, put internal).

After purchase, you will receive:

  • individual garden irrigation system design adapted to your area
  • a list of all the necessary materials along with a price offer

If you have any questions about the project or would like to introduce modifications, please contact us:


Estimated waiting time for the implementation of the project in the season 7-14 days.